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I am an entrepreneur with a passion for hospitality, real estate and digital marketing. I have participated in real estate deals worth more than $10 million which include renovations, redevelopment, traditional rentals and BNB rentals.  

The first time I learned about BNB rentals was when I bought my first property in Snowshoe, WV. I could enjoy the mountains and have other people pay for my ski and summer vacations. This was an incredible deal. I bought my first property and was not only able to pay my expenses but make extra money on top of it.

This got me started into the BNB short term rental business and 5 years later my portfolio has grown and has been very rewarding. I have enjoyed hosting thousands of guests and honed my BNB hosting skills to make my business very successful.

I love short term rentals as it is part of the sharing economy and uses both real estate and my passion for digital marketing. I love hosting people and providing them great experiences. Currently my short terms rentals are in Snowshoe, WV. I have been advising investors all around the country to help them get started with short term rentals and this has been a great journey.

I love BNB hosting as it provides great cash flow, consistent income, allows me to enjoy the properties in great locations while also making profit from them and this is one of the fastest growing segments of real estate. BNB has helped me to enrich my experiences and also make money.

With my expertise in short term rentals, I can help entrepreneurs to do this business from anywhere in the world. Entrepreneurs can own properties around the world and do this business using their cell phones and laptops. This opportunity has the potential of rapid growth as it is built on the Internet engine which has been responsible for fast growth of the biggest companies in the world.

Join me to the New Lifestyle of having fun, traveling the world and making money.

– Manish


Andre Johnson is a bestselling author, active real estate investor, owner of several businesses, and mentor to hundreds of investors. His book “Deal Mastery: Real Estate Investing Guide to Finding Deals, Joint Venturing, Taking Massive Action, and Leaving A Legacy!” recently hit #1 Amazon Best Seller in Real Estate Investments, #1 New Release in Business Mentoring & Coaching, and #1 New Release in Biographies of Business Professionals

About 20 years ago, Andre was in your shoes, trying to build a real estate business. It took him 18 months of running into dead-ends and spinning my wheels before he closed on his first deal, with the help of his friend and mentor Shawn Black.

Andre remembers his first deal very well…

He bought a 3BR/2BA turnkey row house in Wilmington, DE with $25,000 in equity and $200/month cash flow … and the best part was that he got a $5,000 check back at closing on his first deal!

Today, he’s a real estate investor, coach, and owner of several businesses. He’s completed or funded over 1000 real estate transactions nationwide including renovations, condo conversions, rentals, and multi-family properties.

As a mentor, consultant, and founder of Deal Mastery, he’s helped thousands of investors achieve their cash flow and wealth building goals through strategic relationships, resources, and real estate systems.  Andre has engineered Deal Mastery’s Deal Finders Funnel, a cloud-based marketing software, to help investors automate their marketing and do more deals.

There’s tremendous opportunity in today’s market. With my expertise, I can help you to double or triple your portfolio by acquiring short term rentals with creative deal structuring leveraging other people’s money and expertise.

Join me as we live our best life, helping you make money with lifestyle changing investments. 

– Andre 



By 2025, sharing economies will generate $335 Billion equaling the same revenues as traditional counterparts in top five sectors including short-term rentals.

The time is now!

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